01 March 2005

Ooooh, that's gotta hurt!


On Friday, the front page at DailyKos, the blogosphere’s most visited temple of lefty latte chugging Howard Dean worshippers, featured a post by some guy calling himself Armando, positing his theory as to why John Kerry did so poorly in the South in 2004 compared to Bill Clinton in 1996. It’s a rather unremarkable analysis, except for the band-aid correction which Mr. Armando made to his carefully crafted genius a few hours after the first person to read the thing noticed that something was left out.

Update [2005-2-25 17:33:16 by Armando]: HProf points out my brain lock - the most important difference between 1996 and 2004 was the reemergence of national security as the single most important Presidential issue.

And thus, in stark relief, is revealed the problem in the Democratic Party today. Some anonymous guy takes whatever time it took to craft some big answer to a big question about the Democratic Party, and simply forgets that September 11 happened. The guy can’t even bring himself to type the characters “9/11”, prefering to call it some “reemergence of national security,” as if it just oozed out of the electorate like gay marriage or prescription drug coverage.

When you’re just barely mainting your reality dysfunction, you just can’t afford to hits from that kind of clue-by-four.

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