18 January 2005

He's not our source so who cares?

At the moment, the New York Times is in court, demanding constitutional protection for its sources. If they’re exposed, it fears, they may suffer consequences that will make others less likely to come forward in the future. That, we’re told, would be bad for America.

But the New York Times has no compunctions about putting the lives of pro-American and pro-democracy Iraqis at risk with baseless speculation even though the consequences they face are far worse than those that the Times’ leakers have to fear. It seems to me that doing so is far worse for America.

When journalists ask me whether bloggers can live up to the ethical standards of Big Media, my response is: “How hard can that be?” Not very hard, judging by the Times’ latest.

I think it’s more a question of whether webloggers will sink to the ethical standard of Old Media.

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If you can't conquer them, ruin them

Apparently the decline of Canda from a real nation to the irrelevant sack of mush that is Trudeautopia was caused by Americans. Oh yeah, you guys should have surrendered in 1812!

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Republicans have to win big or not at all


In Wisconsin, people can register at the polls on election day. […]

The incompetent Executive Director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, Lisa Artison, failed to do her duty and mail out the confirmations until a full two months after the election. This is not the first time that she has shown rank incompetence. […]

In Milwaukee, about 75,000 people went through the process of registering at the polls in the November election. Got that? 75,000 people in a city of 600,000 were not registered to vote on the day of the election, so they registered at the the polls. […]

In the City of Milwaukee, there were 198, 907 votes cast for Kerry/Edwards and 75,746 votes cast for Bush/Cheney. As you can see, the City of Milwaukee came out strong for Kerry/Edwards.

So what we have is an instance where there were an abnormal number of election day registrations were filed for which the voters can not be verified in a city that voted overwhelming for the Democratic candidate. In addition, the number of voters in question far exceeds the margin of victory of the Democratic candidate. There is a strong indication that some massive voter fraud took place in Milwaukee. Although it appears that the Dems may have won Wisconsin through fraud, thank goodness it did not change the outcome of the race.

Interesting how so many of these stories are coming out now that the Old Media monopoly is breaking up, eh?

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My politics is personal and they're not me

Does your domestic political agenda really require that an entire nation suffer from more war, more poverty and more terror and have their dreams of democracy dashed so that you can have a smug laugh at Blair and Bush?


This is what always gets me. Even if one believes that President Bush lied and scammed the USA in to invading Iraq, why are his opponents so flagrantly indifferent to the fate of the Iraqis?

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