15 January 2005

Palestinian death squads

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A young Palestinian man suspected of “collaboration” with Israel was executed on Friday in a public square in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus.

Eyewitnesses said Mahmoud Mansour, 23, was brought to the center of the camp by gunmen belonging to Fatah’s armed wing, the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and shot to death in the presence of dozens of residents after noon prayers.

Armed gunmen from a group officially affiliated with the government hauling off enemies of the state and executing them in public. One might think that this is a classic example of what is normally called a “death squad”. But I’m confident that that is one phrase that won’t show up in Old Media.

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Finally, a litmus test I can support

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“U.S. law is not handed down from on high even at the U.S. Supreme Court,” [US Supreme Court Justice Breyer] said. “The law emerges from a conversation with judges, lawyers, professors and law students”.

I’m seriously embarrassed that our great nation has Supreme Court justices as clueless as this.

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Oh, Canada!

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Dear Judy [Sgro, Canadian Federal Immigration Minister] is apparently going to be resigning today. Because, in addition to having improperly granted special privileges to a Romanian stripper, she now faces allegations that she agreed to arrange for special treatment of an individual subject to a deportation order.

In exchange for free pizza.

Federal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro will step down today following allegations she promised a Brampton man asylum in Canada in exchange for assisting in her election campaign. Sgro’s decision to step aside came only hours after the Toronto Star obtained a copy of an affidavit in which pizza shop owner Harjit Singh claims Sgro pressed him to supply food and workers for her campaign last spring. Singh, a father of three facing deportation from Canada, alleges in the sworn affidavit filed in the Federal Court of Canada in Toronto yesterday that when word of his arrangement with Sgro started to leak out, Sgro suddenly reneged on the deal and last month ordered his arrest and removal from Canada “to save her job.”

Ferchrissakes, can’t you guys at least engage in impropriety for something worthwhile? Like, I don’t know, cash payments ending with lots of zeros? Private islands in the Caribbean? Castles in small European countries? Hell, small European countries? Instead, you throw it all away for a couple of boxes of pizza and a couple of shmucks who will hammer some signs into lawns? Y’all suck.

One of the commentors castigated the readers for believing Singh, who might well be just a crank looking for revenge. But if that’s true, then Sgro is even dumber for resigning immediately after the allegations came up because it certainly makes them look accurate. One might even contend that if her position is so weak that any random crank can simply make up stuff and damage her, it’s probably time for her to go.

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