02 January 2005

Mohammed Al Durrah update

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Old news with new details about the alledged killing of Mohammed Al Durrah by the Israel Defense Force back on 30 Sep 2000. Evidence of it being a fake (and raising serious doubts as to whether Durrah was shot at all) continues to accumulate. It remains relevant because the incident is still cited as evidence of IDF brutality even though the evidence (to me) is overwhelming that no such thing happened.

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Old Media cluelessness watch

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The [Chicago] Tribune reported the series, which ended this month, to answer some simple questions posed by readers in the wake of Sept. 11: Why are people from faraway lands attacking America and Americans? Why do they happen to be Muslims? Is there something about Islam that promotes violence?

Reporters found little to suggest that Islam encourages violence, despite the impression Westerners might have because of exposure mostly to extremists. In fact, its venerable history suggests that Islam, like most religions, promotes peace and charity.

The article at Jihad Watch has a number of good cites from the Qu’ran that contradict this assessment by the Tribune, but one wonders how the Tribune reporters could have over looked the centuries of expansion, conquest and conversion by the sword of Islam or today’s bloody borders. I suspect it was written in the clean room, protected from any contamination by facts.

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