27 December 2004

THIS JUST IN: Terrorism not good for poor people either

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According to the World Bank, the attacks of September 11th 2001 cost more than $80 billion and pushed 11m people in developing countries into poverty. The economic fallout from a nuclear terrorist attack would dwarf these numbers. Given the relationship between poverty and infant mortality, we would count the cost of a nuclear terrorist attack in a rich country in two terrible death tolls: in the attacked city, and in poor nations all over the world.

The claim that terrorism was about poverty or correcting it was always an obvious sham, but it’s nice to have even the World Bank admit it.

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Old Media credibility watch


The World Press Photo (WPPH) awards are among the most prestigious international prizes for photojournalism. This year’s WPPH Second Prize for ‘News Stories’ was granted to German Kai Wiedenhöfer (at right) for a series of 12 photographs entitled ‘The Wall, Israel Occupied Territories’. The sole caption for the photo essay on the WPPH site:

In 2002 Israel began to construct a 700-kilometer-long security barrier in the West Bank saying that it was designed to stop suicide bombers. Palestinians complained that the barrier was illegal and that its route cut off hundreds of farmers and traders from their land and means of economic survival. [link]

Wiedenhöfer’s entry rode this year’s wave of international criticism of the West Bank security fence. Yet three of Wiedenhöfer’s winning photos labeled as the ‘West Bank barrier’ are not, in fact, anywhere near the West Bank.


It should further be noted that one of Wiedenhöfer’s photos that does portray the West Bank barrier is the site where, on June 17, 2003, Palestinian terrorists used drainage pipes to access the Israeli side, where they opened fire on the family car of 7-year old Noam Leibowitz, killing her instantly.

Apparently the credibility of Old Media isn’t leaking away fast enough on its own so the WPPH is helping to speed the process.

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Elephant in the room watch

Via the Brothers Judd we have this editorial which accuses the Israeli goverment of ethnically cleansing jews from Gaza and parts of the West Bank. Judd writes

There’s a simple enough solution—let these unbigoted settlers, who care only about their homes, stay and be governed by Palestinians.

which perfectly captures the essence, that the real reason for evacuating the jews is that they would otherwise be slaughtered by the Palestinians. Odd how this fact goes unmentioned by Old Media in the articles and public debates on this issue.

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