29 November 2004

Comfort before business

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Critics claim that against the better judgement of Belgian commanders, Gen. Dallaire ordered his troops to disperse into a number of weak outposts incapable of mutual support should trouble arise [in Rwanda]. The Belgian court-martial discovered that the opposite had occurred. […]

Belgian commanders refused to comply with Dallaire’s orders. Concentrating soldiers, even in company locations, would require quartering them in tents. Belgian field living standards demanded that their soldiers be put up in hard shelters. With no extra UN funds to provide accommodation large enough to house a Belgian company, they instead dispersed themselves in platoon strength or less around the city.

Well, we wouldn’t want the rigors of enforcing UN resolutions or preventing genocide to interfere with the quartering requirements of the Belgian Army.

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The American Street knows it friends

[source, sourcebq. In fact, more Americans believe France is our enemy (31%) in the War on Terror than believe Jacques Chirac’s country is our ally (22%). A plurality, 43%, believe that France’s role is somewhere in between ally and enemy.

That must be the 22% who got oil vouchers from the Ba’ath.

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