10 November 2004

America, F— YEAH!

A man pulled out from behind a wall and fired an RPG at my tank. I have to get another tank to go back in there.

US tank commander Captain Robert Bodisch

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Paging Kerry and Kennedy!

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Engineers hired to investigate the cause of September’s massive Big Dig tunnel leak have discovered that the project is riddled with hundreds of leaks that are pouring millions of gallons of water into the $14.6 billion tunnel system.

While none of the leaks is as large as the fissure that snarled traffic for miles on Interstate 93 northbound in September, the breaches appear to permeate the subterranean road system, calling into question the quality of construction and managerial oversight provided by Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff on the massive highway project.

Ah, the wonder of government projects with huge cost overruns driven primarily by political egos. Maybe Boston should call up its Senators and complain?

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