02 November 2004

And you base this view on what, exactly?

Neato! The Yahoo Election Map has, at this moment, called Washington for Kerry even though Bush is leading in the counted ballots. Now, Bush is leading by just a tiny margin but that hardly seems to justify calling it for Kerry.

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It's not the poisoned fruit, it whether tree considers it poison

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Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh, who made a controversial film about Islamic culture recently, has been shot dead in Amsterdam, Dutch media report. […]

Van Gogh, 47, had received death threats after his film Submission, on violence against women in Islamic societies, was shown on Dutch TV.

The film was made with liberal Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali refugee who fled an arranged marriage.

It’s not so much that Islam produces deranged killers like this, but that no one else seems to much care. That’s why Caliphascist fellow-travelers focus only on the deranged in all religions and avoid as much as possible discussing the attitudes and actions of the general populace around them.

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They just shouldn't promote things like conservatism on campus...

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San Francisco, November 1, 2004- A mob of Arab students at San Francisco State University attacked a group of College Republicans on the San Francisco State University campus at noon today during a “Turnout the Vote” event in front of the campus student union building. Derek Wray, President of the SFSU College Republicans, told Front Page Magazine that an angry mob of Palestinian students attacked the club’s table, as well as individual members of the Republican club who were handing out pro-Bush/Cheney campaign materials. According to Wray, campus police were nearby, but “just stood around watching and, instead of protecting the College Republican students from the mob that was pouring drinks on our table and materials, and even physically assaulting our members, only suggested that the campus Republicans leave rather than arrest those responsible for the violence.”


The campus Chief of Police was in meetings and unavailable to comment, and SFSU President Robert Corrigan’s Office declined to comment referring this reporter to Ellen Griffin, a campus media coordinator. Ms. Griffin stated an investigation is actively under way.

Wray is probably lucky he wasn’t arrested for being Republican on campus.

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