12 September 2004

What do you want to forge today?


Microsoft Forger — a product whose time has come.

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CBS Fake Memo resource

Via Junkyard Blog we have the Center for Fake Memos providing an excellent summary of the facts and issues.

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We can't get everything right!

[source, source]

Saturday’s edition of the Boston Globe reports that one document expert, Phillip Broussard, who had expressed suspicions about the documents, said “he now believes the documents could have been prepared on an IBM Selectric Composer typewriter available at the time.”

Anchor Russ Mitchell of the Saturday edition of the CBS Evening News says CBS News contacted Broussard Saturday, and Broussard said he could not dismiss the documents as fake, but he needs to do more analysis before coming to a final conclusion. [emphasis added]

His name is Philip Bouffard. CBS News is not exactly covering itself in glory here, is it?

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