06 September 2004

When I hear a word, it means what I choose it to mean


Yet another blatant falsehood by the Associated Press

“It’s a fact — as a child he could not have seen a Soviet tank in Styria,” the southeastern province where Schwarzenegger was born and raised, historian Stefan Karner told the Vienna newspaper Kurier.

The problem being that Schwarzenegger never claimed to have seen a Soviet tank in Styria, but in Austria. It’s like claiming someone tale of seeing corn fields in Illinois is false because there isn’t any in Chicago. On the other hand, perhaps the AP would report it that way…

The actual quote [emphasis added]

When I was a boy, the Soviets occupied part of Austria. I saw their tanks in the streets. I saw communism with my own eyes. I remember the fear we had when we had to cross into the Soviet sector.

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