04 September 2004

No hit backs!

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European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana criticised on Friday Israeli threats against Syria following Palestinian suicide bombings this week that killed 16 people.

“I don’t think it’s helpful to start talking about attacking new countries. The situation in the Middle East is complicated enough,” Solana told reporters on arriving for an EU foreign ministers’ meeting in the Netherlands.


Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos also urged restraint.

“We will try (to work things out so) that we don’t initiate spillover on the region” […] he told reporters.

Who’s this “we”, Euro-weenie boy?

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Kerry campaign problems? It's Bush's fault!

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George Bush is a master at disguising the punch.

In 2000, he fooled Al Gore into underestimating his talent as a politician, causing Mr Gore to overreach.

This time, he has forced John Kerry to have the wrong conversation with the voters.

“Forced”, eh? Back to the “evil genius” mode I see. I’m sure that an RNC commando squad broke in to Senator Kerry’s house, kidnapped the hamster an left a note saying “talk about Vietnam or the hamster gets it!”.

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