02 August 2004

Not such a good sign


Turkey’s truckers association said Monday it would stop delivering goods to U.S. forces in Iraq, in what appeared to be a direct response to insurgents’ brutal, videotaped killing of a Turkish hostage and an attempt to win freedom for two other captives.

Let’s hire some Iraqis to do it, then.

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One step at a time


Iraqi commandos freed a Lebanese hostage Sunday, a Lebanese Foreign Ministry source said

Definitely a step in the right direction.

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Can we get OJ in here to help?


Rwanda has regularly accused the French of aiding and abetting the Hutu extremists who killed 800,000 people.

Paris denies responsibility - although it has admitted supporting Rwanda’s former Hutu-led government.

The current Rwandan government, which took over after the genocide, argues that Paris knowingly armed the killers and provided an escape route after their defeat.

See, France armed and supported the government, which then handed over the weapons to the actual killers. Why, France is supporting them now as they hunt down the real killers.

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Pot, kettle watch


A diplomatic row over Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon’s visit to Gibraltar has escalated, according to reports.


On Friday [Spanish Foreign Secretary Miguel Angel] Moratinos told a news conference it was “not easy to maintain normal relations with Great Britain” because of the Gibraltar issue.

Hoon should just say “we’ll give it back right after you return Al-Andalusia”.

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No Illusions points out that the recent UN International Court of Justice decision against the Israeli Security Wall basically disallows any aggressive reaction to attacks by non-state actors. This has big implications for the USA, as the Caliphascists are almost entirely non-state actors (especially after we took down Afghanistan and Iraq). I hope this pans out. What could be better than, in the run up to the US Presidential election, the UN declares that the USA cannot effectively defend itself against the Caliphascists? Bring it on, UN-philes!

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Them? All they can do is vote, as if that matters

[source, source]

On Monday, April 26, British Home Secretary, David Blunkett unveiled plans for a national pilot of biometric testing, the technology used in ID cards, as part of a draft Bill to crack down on identity fraud. […]

As Blunkett came under severe attacks for not allowing enough debate over the ID cards introduction, British officials made it clear that if Muslim women do not want to reveal their faces in public, that would be respected, reported the Observer Sunday. “Instead of a photograph, there would be an exemption for certain people, who would only have to give fingerprint and iris-recognition data.

A source close to Blunkett was quoted by the Observer as saying, “We have had constructive discussions with the Muslim community and want to assure them we are sensitive to their points of view”.

But not sensitive to the views of non-Muslim communities, apparently, since they weren’t consulted.

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