31 July 2004

I question the patriotism of people who question my patriotism


John Kerry stepped straight from his coronation stage in Boston into a political firefight yesterday over his relentless use of fellow Vietnam veterans to bolster his campaign.

As the Democratic presidential candidate began the long march with his ‘band of brothers’ towards the November elections, he was ambushed by a second group of navy veterans who, like him, fought on Swift Boats on the Mekong Delta - but who dissent from Sen Kerry’s own account of his war record.

The ambushers have declared Senator Kerry as “unfit for office” and include his entire chain of command. The contradictory chickens of Kerry’s relationship with the war in Vietnam are coming home to roost.

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The paranoid style in politics

When Senator John Kerry was photographed in a bunny suit (a suit used in ultra-clean environments), he was mocked. The Kerry campaign response was to accuse NASA of releasing the photos as a dirty trick. It’s just a bit worrisome when the first response of a presidential campaign to any bad PR is an accusation of conspiracy and malice. On the other hand, Transterrestial Musings has dug up photos of George Bush senior in a bunny suit. I’m sure those photos were never actually released but simply inserted in to NASA’s image database after the fact to cover up the plot against Kerry.

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My new business idea


The New Zealand government, having taken the step of legalising prostitution, has now issued a guide for sex workers.

You have to admit, one thing a government does have world expertise in is screwing people.

The 100-page Occupational Safety and Health guide to safe sex practices has been launched on a government website with the caution: “Warning: this document contains sexually explicit material”.

Maybe it’s a kind of indirect anti-prostitution effort. 100 pages now, 1,000 pages in a decade — eventually it will be easier to get a non-sex related job.

[…] Employers are asked […] to provide beds that support the back for a variety of services to be performed without strain or discomfort.

I wonder how much research went in to generating the list of services that require back support in the bed.

[…] Comprehensive training of staff in the safe use of all equipment, particularly for fantasy work, is also recommended.

Maybe I should drop the weblog and work on a training website for this? On the other hand, how long till there are lawsuits about insufficient safety warnings on sexual fantasy props?

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THIS JUST IN: Iran mocks EU diplomatic effort


Iran, intensifying a standoff over its nuclear programs, has told European officials it will not back down on its right to proceed with uranium enrichment, a senior U.S. official said on Friday.

Standoff? What standoff? Iran is doing as it likes while the EU frets and sputters.

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