28 July 2004

Force the contradiction

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Religious rights campaigners, buoyed by a UN call for an end to repression of minorities by majority religions, today urged the world body to tackle persecution of ”apostates” in Muslim countries.

This should be interesting, so see how the Islamic fight against allowing apostacy from Islam is handled. It will at least make a good talking point.

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We're the PA - we can make anything worse


Human rights groups have called for the lifting of security restrictions in Gaza, to allow 2,500 Palestinians stranded in Egypt to return home.

Stranded, eh? I wonder why.

The Israeli authorities have closed the crossing for fear of militant attacks.


PHR-Israel - along with Palestinian groups Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights and Gaza Community Mental Health Programme - is demanding that the Israeli army find an “acceptable solution” to the crisis.

That sounds reasonable. Maybe Israel could open some other crossing, if there’s a security problem at the Rafah crossing.

Israel has offered to let the people through a different crossing, but only at a rate of 250 a day.

Oh, they did. So what’s the problem?

The Palestinian Authority rejected the offer as insufficient

Ah, the usual problem. It’s the whole Palestinian issue in miniature, the suffering held hostage to the intransigience of the PA which refuses to accept any non-maximal resolution. You can call that many things, but “negotiation” is not one.

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Nice headline, dudes!


Seven Iraqi Troops Killed in Poland

A fierce battle between insurgents and Iraqi soldiers fighting alongside multinational forces in the south-central city of Suwariyah on Wednesday has left seven Iraqi soldiers and 35 insurgents dead, a coalition military spokesman said.

I didn’t realize that there were insurgents fighting in Poland, nor that Iraqi troops were helping out the local Polish forces.

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No, we gave those all away as part of the ransom


But seven [UN Security] council members — Pakistan, China, Russia, Algeria, Angola, the Philippines and Brazil — have expressed concern about the sanctions threat [to Sudan], council diplomats said. [emphasis added]

I’d expect that kind of thing from most of these countries, but shouldn’t the Philipines be

  • supporting the USA to demonstrate that it’s an ally?
  • not turning a blind eye to the horrors in Darfur after surrendering to the jihadis in Iraq?

Or has the Philipine government basically thrown in the towel on acting like it has a spine?

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