26 July 2004

Who is really aided?

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Palestinian businessmen have made millions of pounds supplying cement for Israel’s “security barrier” in the full knowledge of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader and one of the wall’s most vocal critics.


The report reveals that the cement originally came from Egyptian companies which supplied it at a huge discount of $22 (£12.50) a ton to help rebuild dilapidated Palestinian houses or buildings bulldozed by the Israelis.

The most interesting point here is that it was Palestinians who brought up this issue. Are they finally getting tired of Arafat trading their blood for his money?

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We'll put it back up after the election

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When John Kerry glances around the convention hall in Boston this week, his eye will be drawn to brightly lit television network signs — ABC News, NBC, CNN, CBS, and banners for Hearst-Argyle and Belo.

Missing from the lineup is Al-Jazeera, the controversial Arab-language TV network that often is first to carry news involving al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden.

The Qatar-based network, which has 16 staff members assigned to the convention, was directed by convention officials to remove its sign. If it had remained, Al-Jazeera’s sign would have been seen by millions of television fans looming over the shoulder of convention speakers.

Isn’t that racist discrimination?

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Why would they need to be involved?

[source, bq. [Dateline UK] The Hospital Chaplaincies Council has criticised several NHS Trusts for their “hysterical” refusal to disclose the religious backgrounds of their patients. The trusts claim that such information is “too sensitive” to share with chaplains.

Yes, we wouldn’t want chaplains to know any of that “religion” stuff, not even if it’s a dieing patient.

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They promised to use them only for good

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Amnesty International and Greenpeace condemned the Spanish government Friday for exporting arms to war-torn Sudan despite a European Union ban.

The civil rights and ecological groups said Spain was selling light arms and munitions to the Sudanese government, according to an investigation by researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Isn’t it the USA that supposed to value arms merchants over human rights? The “Spain” must just be a typo.

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Schooling well with others

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Parents are fuming over a letter from a Kuala Lumpur primary school headmaster directing non-Muslim pupils not to bring non-halal food to school.


Zainal’s letter dated July 14 sent to parents and guardians of students read: “Please be informed that non-Muslim students are altogether forbidden from bringing non-halal food to school, forbidden from using canteen utensils, for example forks and spoons, and from throwing rubbish into rubbish bins.”

Only 40% of the children in the school are Muslim.

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