18 July 2004

My leadership skills are as good as they ever were!

[source, soure]

Gunmen angry over Yasser Arafat’s overhaul of his security forces burned down Palestinian Authority offices in Gaza on Sunday.


Dozens of militants belonging to an extreme offshoot of Arafat’s Fatah movement stormed an office building in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis shortly after midnight to protest Arafat’s appointment of his cousin, Moussa Arafat, as chief of security.

One security guard was wounded in a gun battle with the militants, who seized control of the building, stole weapons, and burned two offices and several cars parked nearby, witnesses and officials said.

Caught between a rock and hard place (the gunnies and reform), Arafat, as usual for a Palestinian leader, manages to get the worst of both worlds. Too little reform to matter and too much for the gunnies.

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What about sunglasses with the department logo?

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Beards are out. So are jeans and athletic shoes. Suit coats are in, even on the steamiest summer days.

That dress code, imposed by the Department of Homeland Security, makes federal air marshals uneasy — and not just because casual clothes are more comfortable in cramped airline seats. The marshals fear that their appearance makes it easier for terrorists to identify them, according to a professional group representing more than 1,300 air marshals.

“If a 12-year-old can pick them out, a trained terrorist has no problem picking them out,” said John D. Amat, a spokesman for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.

Documents and memos issued by the Department of Homeland Security and field offices of the Federal Air Marshal Service say marshals must “present a professional image” and “blend unnoticed into their environment.” Some air marshals have argued that the two requirements

Just not serious. While I’d hate to provide ideas to my political opponents, this would make a great Kerry ad.

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