05 July 2004

Lead me in to temptation

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[Egyptian security chief Omar Suleiman] called upon Israel to allow the Palestinians to open an airport and seaport in order to allow the Palestinians to prevent weapons smuggling.

And I should let my son play with matches so he can avoid being an arsonist?

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Testing the waters



The militant Shiite cleric whose uprising last April left hundreds dead pledged Sunday to resist “oppression and occupation” and calling the new interim Iraq government “illegitimate”.


We pledge to the Iraqi people and the world to continue resisting oppression and occupation to our last drop of blood,” al-Sadr said. “Resistance is a legitimate right and not a crime to be punished.”


The spokesman for militant Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr (search) tempered threats to continue fighting Monday, saying his movement only planned to wage “peaceful resistance” against the interim government.

There are accusations of Sadr flip flopping, but I think it’s simpler. He’s just testing limits by running out inflammatory statements to see if he can gain ground with them. If not, they’re withdrawn. In a region with very selective long term memory, it’s usually a successful ploy.

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The wages of restraint

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Iraq’s justice minister says that even the life of the trial judge is now under threat after Robert Fisk of the Independent, together with other anti-war newspapers from the Arab world, blithely published his name, having ignored an explicit request not to do so.

While Fisk is demonstrating that he’s willing to actively collaborate with the fallen Ba’ath regime, the real question remains - why is he still a privileged journalist with access to information like this? This is what people mean when they say that the Caliphascists can’t defeat the West, the West must surrender.

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