25 June 2004

We know what you mean, even if you don't

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Iraq’s deputy prime minister implored the American press to provide more balanced coverage of operations in Iraq.

Barham Salih, a prominent leader from Kurdish northern Iraq, made his plea June 19 to American reporters traveling in Iraq with Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

“I hope you from the American press will be able to tell people back home … that (through) this mission you are giving an entire nation an opportunity to be rid of their challenges,” he said.

“These soldiers are helping renovate schools and so on, and very, very little of that is reported,” Salih continued. “We have to be grateful to those young men and women who have come from afar, sacrificing their lives to defend our security and our freedom.”

I’m sure this will be reported widely as soon as Big Media decides whether he really meant “Stop President Bush from killing us!” or “Help, help, they’re stealing the oil!”.

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Looking for my keys under the light


The eight British sailors arrested by Iran have been paraded on television and forced to make public confessions. It just occurred to me that these are both violations of the Geneva Convention, which I believe applies in this case because the British sailors were in uniform, etc.

So why have I not heard any screams of outrage from the Usual Suspects? There are, after all, interest groups out there so enamored of the Convention that they want it followed in cases (illegal combatants, nonstate actors, etc.) where its provisions clearly do not apply. You would think they would be double-extra hot to have it followed where its provisions do apply, but apparently not. I guess we can file their complaints under Outrage, Manufactured Selective Partisan, Discount and Dispose of Soonest.

The usual suspects are just concentrating their efforts on where it will do them the most psychological good.

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They don't use rusty blades during decapitations, it's only fair to be polite in return

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Israeli-made bullets bought by the U.S. Army to plug a shortfall should be used for training only, not to fight Muslim guerrillas in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. lawmakers told Army generals on Thursday.

Since the Army has other stockpiled ammunition, “by no means, under any circumstances should a round (from Israel) be utilized,” said Rep. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, the top Democrat on a House of Representatives Armed Services subcommittee with jurisdiction over land forces.


The Israeli firm was one of only two worldwide that could meet U.S. technical specifications and delivery needs, said Brig. Gen. Paul Izzo, the Army’s program executive officer for ammunition.


“There’s a sensitivity that I think all of us recognize,” [Representative Curt] Weldon [R-PA] told the Army witnesses

Well, I certainly recognize it, appeasenik, just like I recognize cat food after it’s been partially digested and then sprayed across my floor by one of the feline parasites in my house. And frankly, the processed cat food looks and smells better. But what I want to know is, can’t we cross ship the ammo through India in order to maximize its psychological effectiveness?

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