09 June 2004

Why would they want to be occupied by a blood thirsty unilateral nation?

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The Pentagon has advised Germany that as part of a global shifting of U.S. military forces, it wants to withdraw its two Army divisions and replace them with fewer, lighter, more mobile troops.


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At least be consistent


The Justice Department today announced that it has entered into a consent decree with New York City and various school district officials, settling allegations of civil rights violations and deprivations of equal educational opportunities at Brooklyn’s Lafayette High School.

The government’s complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, alleges that school district officials deliberately ignored severe and pervasive harassment directed at Asian-American students by their classmates. This harassment allegedly included both physical and verbal abuse, including multiple violent assaults. According to the complaint, students regularly threw food, cans and combination locks at Asian-American students, while shouting ethnic slurs.

What’s missing here? The race of the attackers. One can reasonably presume from this that the attackers weren’t white. The Volokh Conspiracy asks

When newspapers are covering racial and racist conflicts, should they remain silent about which groups’ members are involved in the conflict (at least on one side)? Or should they reveal them?

I’d settle for either if applied consistently. What happens in real life is that whether race is reported depends on the race, not a consistent policy.

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It's all about meeeeeeeeeee!

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[UK Health Secretary Doctor John] Reid said that the middle classes were obsessed with giving instruction to people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and that smoking was not one of the worst problems facing poorer people.

The poor! Who cares about them — the level of righteous self-satisfaction among the liberals is at stake! I just can’t believe a government do-gooder questioned that attitude.

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