08 June 2004

Slicing it very thin


This correction ran in today’s New York Times:

Because of an editing error, an obituary of former President Ronald Reagan yesterday referred incorrectly in some copies to the Nicaraguans known as contras, to whom his subordinates secretly diverted profits from selling arms to Iran. They were rebels fighting the Nicaraguan government, not the Marxist Sandinistas who ran the government.

Does that mean the insurgents in Iraq are fighting against the Iraqi government, not the Coalition?

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Normal street talk

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Dutch police don’t know what to do with the case of the Turkish immigrant rapper zg r Korkmaz and his group NAG (Nieuwe Allochtone Generatie - New Immigrant Generation). In his song “F***ing Jews,” Korkmaz warns the “f***ing Jews” that immigrants are “comin’ to kill” them. After CIDI’s director Ronnie Naftaniel filed a complaint against him, Korkmaz reported to his local police station. But the police, who probably couldn’t decide whether these lyrics were an expression of genuine anti-Semitic feelings or just normal street talk, sent him away without even charging him. “I don’t understand,” Korkmaz said. “I was here to make a statement because I feel CIDI is right. My lyrics were completely over the top.” Instead of singing “kill all Jews,” he would have preferred to have sung “kill the Jews that are in Israel’s government and are responsible for the slaughter of Palestinian babies.”

So the only people who don’t think this was judenhass are the Dutch police. One is forced to wonder about how bad things are in the Netherlands if the police think this kind of thing is “normal street talk”. Is the street talk that bad or are the police that clueless? No good answer to that question.

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Ooooh - that's not gonna hurt


A UN official has accused Sudan of not taking the crisis in Darfur seriously enough.

Oh no, not an accusation from a UN official! How can any government withstand that kind of pressure? But if that doesn’t work, maybe the UN official should take it up with UN Human Right Commission.

Note that even here, the UN has to weasle and distort. If Sudan weren’t taking seriously the ethnic cleansing in Darfur, it wouldn’t be happening.

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