04 June 2004

It's not about answers!


Time magazine and NBC on Friday filed motions seeking to quash grand jury subpoenas issued last month to compel testimony from their reporters about whether Bush administration officials leaked the name of a covert CIA operative.

Yeah, it’s obvious that we don’t know who leaked the name because of stone walling by the Bush Administration. Why pick on people who know the answer if they’re not Republicans?

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What did you expect?


Iraq’s new prime minister gave his first televised address to the nation yesterday and insisted that the premature withdrawal of multinational forces from the country “would be a major disaster”.

Yeah, they’ll be asking for a US troop withdrawl real soon.

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Chatterati: We don't trust your friends

[source, Best of the Web]

Then comes my favorite: The new government has no legitimacy because it is composed of so many exiles. What kind of political leadership does one expect in a country that endured three decades of Stalinist tyranny in which any expression of opposition met with torture and death?

Strange. I do not remember any of these critics complaining about the universally hailed Oslo peace accords that imposed upon the Palestinians a PLO government flown in from Tunisia composed nearly entirely of political exiles.

Ah, but Yasser Arafat, thug and terrorist, instantly wins legitimacy in the eyes of Western intelligentsia because he is a self-proclaimed revolutionary, while Iraq’s interim prime minister, who was nearly axed to death by Hussein’s agents in London, is dismissed as an “exile.”

No, Arafat is automatically legitimate because he is no friend of the West and the USA in particular.

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