30 May 2004

EU-files: No more giving the dog a bone

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Butchers are being threatened with fines if they give bones away to dog owners.

They are being sent letters telling them that a new European directive bans the traditional practice.


The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs today confirmed the Brussels ban.

It said the bones are now considered “waste” which must be properly disposed of.

A spokesman said: “Customers can take bones away with them when they buy the deboned meat if it is for human consumption.

It’s OK to feed them to people but not to dogs?

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We make the messes, you pay to clean them up

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That many Britons could do with losing weight is obvious to anyone who spends five minutes on a High Street. Nevertheless, it is wrong for the Government to target food manufacturers. If our food is high in sugar and saturated fat, it is only because the food industry is doing what the Government - with our money - pays it to do. Under the Common Agricultural Policy, farmers are paid generous subsidies to produce milk, butter and sugar beet. Fruit and vegetable farmers, by contrast, receive nothing. The British taxpayer is paying twice over: once to grow fattening food and again to be told not to eat it.

That’s what government does - create problems that require more government to “solve”.

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