26 May 2004

Redirect for effect


Dr Muzammil Siddiqi, director of the Islamic Society of North America, says “homosexuality is a moral disease, a sin, a corruption… No person is born homosexual, just as nobody is born a thief, a liar or a murderer. People acquire these evil habits due to a lack of proper guidance and education.” Sheikh Sharkhawy, a cleric at the prestigious London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park, compares homosexuality to a “cancer tumour.” He argues “we must burn all gays to prevent paedophilia and the spread of AIDS,” and says gay people “have no hope of a spiritual life.” The Muslim Educational Trust hands out educational material to Muslim teachers – intended for children! – advocating the death penalty for gay people, and advising Muslim pupils to stay away from gay classmates and teachers.

What staggers me is how silent the gay establishment is about these obscenities. If a religious right figure had said them, there would be hell to pay. But the multi-culti left still has a stranglehold on official gay discourse and won’t condemn Islamist bigotry. Why not? These mullahs are fanning the flames of anti-gay violence with literally incendiary rhetoric. Burn gays? Yep, that’s what the cleric said.

Perhaps what the Christians fumilators should do is start quoting these guys - “in speaking on homosexuality, I will be quoting from the noted Islamic scholar Dr Muzammil Siddiqi …”.

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I've got a cunning plan...


I was initially skeptical of the delayed-acceptance idea myself, thinking it too clever by half. But that was before I realized its diabolical tactical brilliance. You see, Kerry’s handlers have clearly been busy analyzing reams of scientific opinion research—and they’ve reached the same conclusion that pollster Scott Rasmussen reached a couple of weeks ago:

Senator Kerry loses a few points every time the spotlight focuses on him. Kerry’s numbers bounce back when the focus returns to the President.

A couple of weeks ago? I had that a couple of months ago.

Indeed, Kerry has been virtually invisible on the national radar screen lately—and he’s been slowly climbing in the polls.

But the Kerry camp faced what might seem to be an insurmountable challenge: the July Democratic convention in Boston, when the nation’s press surely plans to focus on the Democratic nominee, beaming his every word into the nation’s living rooms, allowing voters to get to know him and take the measure of his character and personality. Kerry’s highly-paid strategists instantly recognized that this would be a disaster for their client. So they have crafted a cunning plan designed to get the TV networks to avoid covering the convention entirely, while the reporters who might otherwise be exposing Kerry to the world are convinced to stay at home. (Give up ‘tons of free publicity’? Nothing’s more threatening to Kerry than tons of free publicity.)

But there’s more to the complex plan than just keeping Kerry off the air. By delaying acceptance of the nomination, Kerry can encourage speculation that he might just turn it down! Why, he may not be the nominee at all! This will result in wild journalistic scenarios about possible “Torricelli options,” distracting public attention from Kerry’s spirit-sapping persona much as chaff dropped from an airplane causes anti-aircraft missiles to veer off-target. Kerry’s vice-presidential pick, in particular, will get star treatment from the press—another plus, since he or she will almost certainly be more appealing than Kerry himself. Perhaps Kerry’s lawyers can even figure out a way for his vice-presidential choice to formally accept the #2 slot while Kerry delays—making the vice presidential candidate, in effect, the top standard-bearer and spokesman of the Democrats for a few precious weeks.

The “non-acceptance” gambit is not about campaign money. That’s just the cover story! (As if money spent in August made that much difference—a point Simon makes rather forcefully.) Nor is Kerry’s seemingly suicidal plan to draw attention to himself by giving a series of high-profile national security speeches over the next 11 days anything but another clever feint. The proof: Just see if he actually says anything memorable! According to ABC’s The Note, Kerry plans “town-hall meetings and discussions with military families, veterans, and fire and police personnel.” Heh, heh. No network news producer is going to bump Iraq off the air for those proven coma-inducers! If it seems like the Kerry planners are trying to put Mark Halperin to sleep, maybe that’s because they are.

A convention without an acceptance speech. “Who would tune in to watch such a thing?” Exactly! The Democratic wizards have tipped their hand. Their secret is out.Their game plan has been revealed to the world! It’s to keep the American public from realizing until the last possible moment the grim reality that Kerry really is the Democratic alternative.

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Semi-polite thieves

[source, source]

A Royal Mail worker left an abusive message on a thank-you card sent to an elderly couple after opening it and finding that it did not contain money.

William and Grace Kill, of Bicester, Oxon, found the message stuck inside a card thanking them for giving a talk to a group of church goers.

The note said: “Dear customer, We had to open this letter to check for money or credit cards, there were none, so you can have the f***** back!!!

“Next time, make sure there is some money!! Love, Royal Mail.”

It’s better grammar and spelling than I’d expect.

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What was that name again?


The “wedding singer” killed in the attack on a “wedding party” in the middle of the Iraqi desert apparently had two completely different names.

From the New York Times:

Among the dead, by several accounts, was Nazar al-Khalid, a well-known Iraqi wedding singer who often traveled to Syria.

From the Washington Post:

Among the dead was Hussein Ali, a popular wedding singer.

(Hat tip: M. Simon, via Stockholm Spectator.)

Yet another example of just how clumsy at propagandathese people are.

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Mossad plot revealed!

[source, source]

An official IDF source confirmed Amir Orens’ 21 May story this afternoon to IMRA that two Palestinian children who died in the Rafah procession incident were murdered by Palestinian gunmen and that the IDF photographed the shooting.

The official IDF source explained that the pictures have not been released to the media because information derived from the photographs would compromise security in the field at this time.

The following is a repeat of the excerpts from Oren’s original article:

Inside Track / Rafah is a nightmare.

By Amir Oren Haaretz 21 May 2004

… When the procession with armed men in its midst set out in the direction of the forces, (the commander of the Gaza Division, Brigadier General Shmuel) Zakaii tried to speak with the community leaders in Rafah. The head of the Liaison and Coordination Administration, Colonel Poli Mordecai, phoned Nasser Saraj, the head of the Civil Committee in the city. Had the Liaison and Coordination Administration sufficed, they would not have needed the tank commander. Saraj, a respected individual, formerly the director-general of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Palestinian Authority, listened to Colonel Mordecai’s pleas, but took no steps to prevent the disaster.

When men obeyed the calls over the loudspeakers to turn themselves in to the IDF authorities (and to the intelligence people who wanted to question them), they were confronted by members of the terror organizations, who opened fire on them and killed two children. A senior officer in Gaza reported yesterday that the IDF have in their possession pictures of this incident, of Palestinians killing their children. He expressed amazement as to why the army has refrained from publishing them.

Well, obviously because the shooters were really Mossad agents! As everyone knows, Hamas and the PA are Israeli front organizations who are creating this war to kill off the Palestinians. Arafat has been siphoning off PA funds not for personal benefit but to keep the movement on the edge of starvation. The ZOG controlled news media provide this biased fodder in order to keep the war going.


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It's facts that are dirty, not bias

[source, source]

In an attempt to get the foreign media to report what is actually happening on the ground in Gaza, the IDF’s spokesman’s unit pleaded with foreign news agencies to join IDF forces in their operations and see for themselves. By mid-week, the IDF had to admit that the attempt was an abject failure. Almost no one took them up on the offer. The foreign media is not interested in showing the truth.

Well, what’s the point of writing non-anti-Israel stories since they won’t get published?

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