18 May 2004

Warriors, peace thyselves

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[In lectures at Cairo University and the American University in Cairo last week, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed] El-Baradei, who since the build-up to the war on Iraq has consistently projected the persona of the impartial technocrat, strongly criticised what he described as the Arab countries’ “emotive and non-realistic approach” to the issue of Israel’s nuclear disarmament.


He stressed that “Israel sees that it cannot give up its weapons of mass destruction [WMD] in the absence of comprehensive peace, as long as there are countries or individuals that say that it will be ‘thrown into the sea’, and that its existence is not recognised in the region.”

El-Baradei lambasted what he described as the backward “state of development” of the Arab countries, and the prevalent attitudes of constant “self-victimisation” and “always asking the attainment of peace from others instead of working towards achieving it ourselves”. The Arab countries have yet to create a “civilisational project allowing them to attain the necessary balance of interests needed to persuade Israel that it is in its interest to disarm”, El-Baradei said. “We must see how we can convince Israel that it is in its interest to have a Middle East free of WMD. After the events of Libya and Iran, it is time to start this strategic dialogue.”

Oooh, that’s gotta hurt! Note that he didn’t say it in some obscure forum but right in the face of the people he was talking about.

P.S. Yes, I know that El-Baradei has been soft on Iran but this is still a big deal.

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Contradictions of the moderns

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Canadian medical clinics are quietly informing American patients they will no longer help them obtain prescription drugs, after stern warnings from a major insurer that doctors who are sued by Americans won’t be covered.

Trade war and empty shelves don’t phase the Canadians, but lawsuits - that’s serious. Here we see another collision of the modern citizen’s world view - free/cheap pharmaceuticals and the ability to sue for massive damages for the slightest imperfection in quality, delivery or use.

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