02 May 2004

Oh, if only I were hip!

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Apparently Micah Wright is a well known artist who makes anti-military posters who has defended himself from criticism by claiming to have been a US Ranger in combat. Turns out he just made it up. Completely. Whole cloth. If only I knew who he was, I’m sure this would be hilarious.

The moral is, kids, being politically correct means never having your credentials checked!

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Is everyone on the take?

[source, source]

In a letter published last week, 52 former British diplomats condemned the invasion of Iraq and the Government’s support for Israel.

The letter failed to disclose, however, that several of the key signatories, including Oliver Miles, the former British ambassador to Libya who instigated the letter, are paid by pro-Arab organisations.

Some of the others hold positions in companies seeking lucrative Middle East contracts, while others have unpaid positions with pro-Arab organisations.

[…] Andrew Dismore, the Labour MP for Hendon, said: “If an MP had made statements like these without declaring an interest in the subject they would have been before the standards and privileges committee [where] we would have had their guts for garters.”

Shouldn’t the anti-Western groups vet their leaders / spokemen just a wee bit better? Imagine the scandal if some corporation did this badly.

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