25 April 2004

9/11 Investigation - commission or cult?


Byron York asks, “What’s this “brother” thing going on among the members of the Sept. 11 investigating commission?

“You had a very interesting exchange with Brother Lehman,” said Democratic commissioner Jamie Gorelick to CIA Director George Tenet on April 14, referring to Republican Commissioner John Lehman.

“I’m going to sound like my brother Kerrey, which terrifies me somewhat,” said Republican commissioner Jim Thompson on April 8, referring to Democratic Commissioner Bob Kerrey, a former senator from Nebraska.

“As Brother MacGaffin said, this bias…has plagued us for years,” said former Deputy Secretary of Defense John Hamre last Dec. 8, testifying alongside former top CIA official John MacGaffin.

And this, last Sunday, from Gorelick, writing in the Washington Post: “I intend — with my brethren on the commission — to finish the job.”

Kind of creepy. But remember, having the Commission be open and transparent doesn’t mean that looking in to the Commission’s structure is permitted. Instead, it means having the Commission drown out other voices so it is the only source of information about the Commission.

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