21 April 2004

If they get a vote, everyone will want one!

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Tony Blair’s decision to allow Britain to vote on the European Constitution has been met with dismay in other EU capitals.

That’s the essence of the article and is really all that matters. But other bits are so funny that I have to quote them:

Chirac will doubtless work overtime to capitalise on Britain’s referendum as yet another example of Anglo-Saxon obstruction in Europe

The EU, they [French Socialist Party] claim, has been hijacked by free market liberals

The pessimistic view is that the constitution is dead and buried if Britain has a referendum.

Well there’s a ringing endorsement! “It’s doomed if we dare let citizens express their opinion about it”.

Eurocrats claim that if a smaller nation voted against the constitution, […] the nation could be forced to vote again and again until it came up with an answer that pleased Brussels, as happened in Ireland during the Nice Treaty vote; [emphasis added]

Remember, it’s American voters who are being disenfranchised.

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The real blood for oil scheme


So many of the self-righteous left still scream about “blood for oil” and maliciously accuse the United States of toppling Saddam in order to secure petroleum supplies. The truth is otherwise. Oil for Food lined the pockets of Saddam, his international political supporters, and corporate cronies, and that oil was paid for, hour by hour, with the blood of Iraqis slaughtered by his brutal regime.

Austin Bay

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