13 April 2004

Hello - EUUUUUU!

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The EU has decided to employ the services of popular Japanese mascot “Hello Kitty” to promote the union and the euro, according to French newswire AFP.

The mascot - extremely popular throughout Japan and Asia - will have an EU-style makeover, changing out of her traditional red or pink to don the blue and yellow of the EU flag.

A spokesperson told AFP that the European Union wanted to give “little presents to people so that they will remember the EU or be more aware of what the EU stands for”.

“We thought this is something that has a lot of appeal”, the spokesperson added.

The character turns 30 this year and coincidentally, the EU delegation to Tokyo is also celebrating its 30th birthday.

You know, I threaten my boys with “Hello Kitty” toys when they misbehave. “Is that what you want for Christmas? ‘Hello Kitty’ notebooks? If not, this room had better be clean before I get back.”.

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