24 March 2004

That crazy cowboy way



A STATEMENT published on an Islamist website today purporting to be from al-Qaeda urged retaliation against the US and its allies for Israel’s killing of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.


“I’m worried about terrorist groups targeting America,” Bush said when asked about possible threats by Hamas against the United States. “Whether it be an Hamas threat, or an al Qaeda threat, we take them very seriously in this administration.”


Hamas officials later sought to reassure the United States, Israel’s chief ally, that they would confine their armed struggle to Israeli and Palestinian territory.

“It’s not in our policy to target Americans or American interests,” Hamas political leader Sayed Seyam told Reuters.

That’s just the kind of thing you’d expect from Bush’s crazy cowboy style. What was the problem with it again?

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It's Bush's fault: he should have become President earlier


BUSH CAN’T GET A BREAK: Now he’s being blamed for not invading Afghanistan in 1998! Here’s the relevant passage from MSNBC:

The report revealed that in a previously undisclosed secret diplomatic mission, Saudi Arabia won a commitment from the Taliban to expel bin Laden in 1998. But a clash between the Taliban’s leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, and Saudi officials scuttled the arrangement, and Bush did not follow up.

Damn him — governing Texas while Rome burned! Why didn’t he send the Texas Rangers to finish off Bin Laden? (“One mullah, one Ranger!”) Sheesh. Can you say “Freudian slip?”

It’s not as if anybody has the storyline on this figured out from the get-go or anything. . . .

Then there’s this from another story

One event that panel members found galling was why there was no retaliation by either administration for the bombing of the destroyer Cole in early 2001.

Maybe because the Cole was bombed on October 12, 2000?

The real question is, which is more embarrassing for the press - are they this full of heavy handed bias or suffering from so much Reality Dysfunction that they don’t see the problem?

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