21 March 2004

Smoked Yassin

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Israel Air Force helicopters fired missiles at Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin as he left a mosque near his house at daybreak Monday, residents said, and Hamas officials and witnesses said he was killed.

Darn nice shooting. Good to see the IDF is getting this aiming thing down.

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Kerry past just keeps on giving

Senator John Kerry was a member of VVAW which was a hard core leftist group dedicated to smearing the US military in order to abandon South Vietnam to the clutches of the Communists in the North. At one point the VVAW leadership voted on whether to assassinate US senators. Kerry resigned shortly afterwards.

Right Wing News asks

  • Did Kerry attend that meeting or not?
  • If Kerry was there, why have his spokesmen denied he was present?
  • If he attended, why didn’t he inform the authorities that his group had considered assassinating US Senators?
  • Did the VVAW vote on other assassination plots while Kerry was a leader or member of the organization?
  • What were the vote totals?
  • If Kerry attended, what did he say in the meetings?

Good questions, and it’s important to note that this is all much better documented than claims of President Bush being AWOL.

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Giving them what they want, good and hard

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Many Palestinians here are brooding about the prospect of a sudden Israeli withdrawal, even though they have fought for the removal of Jewish settlers and soldiers for years. […]

But now that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon appears poised to leave this 139-square-mile rectangle and its scattered Jewish settlements, which are difficult and expensive to defend, many Gaza residents are uncomfortable with the prospect and deeply suspicious of Israeli intentions.

Few of the 1.3 million Gazans have experienced life without a “Zionist enemy” to fight. Amid factional fighting and Israeli attacks, the Palestinian Authority is ill-prepared to take control should Israel leave. Many Palestinians say they worry that the evacuation is aimed at starting a Palestinian civil war.

Of course, the simple solution of not having a civil war is off the table. It’s too simplismé.

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Every little bit helps


Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was headed for a landslide election win on Sunday, as unofficial reports indicated his coalition had routed the Islamist opposition in the country’s Muslim Malay heartland.

[…] The government was always expected to win but early results showed the margin of victory was likely to be much more than expected.

“It looks like we’ve made a lot of gains in the Green Belt,” a well placed government source told Reuters, referring to Malay-dominated states where the influence of Islam is strongest.

Like the Communists, it looks like the time when Islamist parties can win electoral victories has passed. I wonder if even Algeria would vote in a Islamist party.

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