17 March 2004

France supports another totalitarian regime

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China and France will hold rare joint naval exercises off the mainland’s eastern coast on Tuesday, just four days before Beijing’s rival, Taiwan, holds presidential elections.

Hey, at least France isn’t surrending - they’re chipping in to help the enemy.


One advantage of extending a nuclear guarantee to Taiwan is that if China made a move we could nuke its ally France.

Orrin Judd

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Who's fault is it that viewers can't tell the difference?


VIA ROMENESKO WE LEARN: “Democrats want TV network execs to immediately warn stations not to use the Bush administration’s mock news videos featuring actors posing as journalists praising the benefits of the new Medicare law.” I guess if actual journalists stuck to journalism, and didn’t “praise the benefits” of laws on a regular basis, these ads wouldn’t work. The real problem isn’t that people issue video news releases, it’s that it’s hard to tell the real news from a video news release. But when the networks have been using “actors posing as journalists” for years, it’s hard to get much traction with complaints like this one.

But viewers should be able to tell because the political slant is wrong!

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