11 March 2004

THIS JUST IN: It's Bush's fault. Period.

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A woman has just been arrested and accused of working for the Ba’ath regime in Iraq. She had previously worked for four Democratic Party members of Congress, the magazines Fortune, US News & World Report, Fox News and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. So what’s the headline and lead paragraph on the story?

Accused spy is cousin of Bush staffer

The woman charged with working for the Iraqi spy agency is a distant cousin of President Bush’s chief of staff, Andrew Card, and has held a variety of jobs in journalism and on Capitol Hill.

It’s also reported that Tom Brokaw lead with the same fact on the national news. Now, why would anything think there’s any bias there?

UPDATE: Lots of good links to the accused’s carreer.

UPDATE: It turns out that the Bush staffer (Andy Card) who is a “distant cousin” of the accused who alerted the authorities about her activities.

The accused is also not accused of spying, despite the headline. She’s accused of breaking various laws regarding acting as an agent for a foreign country. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Big Media muffed that as well.

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