07 March 2004

Aristide - thug then, thug now

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Here’s a blast from the past, 17 Aug 1995:

Opposition to President Clinton’s boldest foreign policy initiative — U.S. military intervention in Haiti last year with 21,000 troops at a cost of $3 billion — has now come full circle. With the defection of former president Jimmy Carter as an uncritical supporter of the administration’s effort to “restore” democracy to the Caribbean island, the White House’s touting of Haiti as its greatest foreign policy “success” is sounding pretty silly.

The former president, who provided crucial political cover last year for Clinton’s decision to dispatch U.S. forces to Haiti, recently issued a devastating critique of the political process imposed under the lethal protection of U.S. guns by Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

[…] relations began to sour within months after Carter personally helped pave the way for Aristide’s triumphant return in October 1994. By year’s end, it was apparent to all but the most ideologically driven that Aristide was personally turning Haiti into yet another one-man dictatorship — his own. This should surprise no one, considering Aristide’s political personality and his Marxist beliefs.


The Carter Center report on the ensuing election — written by Carter confidant and former National Security Council advisor Robert Pastor — documents the disgraceful conduct of the Aristide government and his Lavalas party. “Of the 13 elections I have observed, the June 25 Haitian elections were the most disastrous technically, with the most insecure count,” Pastor said in the report.

Oh ho - so much for the claims that Carter backs Aristide’s claims to have been properly elected.

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