02 March 2004

You don't know what you've got till it's gone

I’ve delinked “Commie Watch” because the site seems to have disappeared. I hadn’t dropped by for a bit and then it was gone! If anyone knows where it is now, please let me know. Thanks!

I noticed that the author has been writing for Front Page, although there isn’t anything this year. Perhaps he’s concentrating on that now…

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Teachers protest for better students

[source, source]

Students arriving at Cesar Chavez Middle School and Aztlan Academy yesterday were met with striking teachers in the parking lot carrying signs. The messages on the signs: “We’re tired of excuses,” “I Quit Until You Care,” “Quit Wasting Your Time,” “Quit Stealing Our Time” and “Try, Damn It, Try.”

All 16 teachers and administrators at the charter middle and high school took part in the strike […]

“If I were a teacher I’d be out here, also,” said Beatrice Baltierrez, 18, a student at the schools for five years. She said some of the students wrote letters of apology.

The students ended up caving and agreeing to behave better. I’m more surprised by that than by the teacher’s striking.

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