23 February 2004

Ashcroft vs. Liberty update

I previously noted in passing the controversy about Attorney General John Ashcroft and the bare breasted statue of Liberty. I wanted to post an update because I ran in to a better link over at Asymmetrical Information. Noting that it’s the BBC reporting this (not normally a hot bed of Ashcroft-philia), we have the quotes

Photographers have gone to great lengths in the past to capture the scantily-clad female statue in the background as the Justice Department’s top brass addressed the world’s press.


The drapes are reported to have been hanging since Monday, drawing to a close the sport of photographers who infamously sprawled on the floor to snap the former Attorney General Edwin Meese holding aloft his report on pornography in front of the female statue.

We can see this kind of thing in the attached photo.

I’m not a fan of Ashcroft, but he’s hardly the brimstone breathing caricature that is so common in Big Media. What we see here is the adults reacting to the juvenile antics of the journalists, who are the ones that made the breast significant.

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Don't mess with this guy

Ok, I’m sure everyone has seen this already but I found it darn amusing and this is my clippings file. So here’s the link to Donald Rumsfeld’s Semantic Battle Techniques. I’m working on the Coffee Palm and Spider Hand techniques myself, although of course I have not the mastery of the Rumsfeld himself.

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THIS JUST IN: College age drinking harzardous to others


The most commonly reported effects were disrupted sleep or study, having to take care of a drunken person, being insulted or humiliated and unwanted sexual advances.

Others reported finding vomit in the halls or bathroom, serious argument or quarrel and sexual assault or date rape.

Obviously, they should ban college to prevent this kind of thing.

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