22 February 2004

International Court of Injustice

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The International Court of Justice in The Hague rejected Saturday the request of Israeli terror victims’ families to participate in the court’s hearing regarding the West Bank security fence, Israel Radio reported.

The court argued that the families do not represent a country and therefore should not take part in the hearing.

Fourteen governments and two organizations are to testify in the ICJ three-day hearing, beginning next week. Most of the legal testimonies will be against the fence.

And those organizations represent what country? We also have this

The mayor of The Hague, W.J. (Wim) Deetman, believes Israel’s embassy here is trying to undermine arrangements that have been instituted to maintain public order, in anticipation of Monday’s International Court of Justice discussion about the West Bank separation fence. The embassy, Deetman claims, has jeopardized these arrangements by relaying pictures of 927 terror victims to the “Christians for Israel” organization.


In Deetman’s view, the pictures will spark confrontations with pro-Palestinian demonstrators and thereby disrupt public order.

So of course, the solution isn’t to prevent the confrontations but to ban the pictures.

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Getting out while the getting's good


The government he inherited from that moron who outstayed his welcome would be history. [Canadian Prime Minister] Paul Martin would finally be PM in his own right, and everyone would see how superior he is in every way to that sleazebag. His moment of triumph was so close he could taste it.

And now it’s just a pile of merde, as far as the eye can see.

Things could not have gone more wrong if his oldest enemy had deliberately schemed to do him in.

In his dark nights of the soul, Paul must be wondering if that’s exactly what happened.

[…] He’s got to make us believe that even though he was the finance minister and Quebec is his home turf, he was shocked - shocked!- to find out about all the dirty things that were going on there.

Martin just needs to hang in there for a few months. Chretien got away with it because he was so blasé and the Candanian voters so uncaring. Only the fringers will remember this stuff in six months - note that the cost overruns at the gun registry have been a surprise at least twice in the last year.

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