20 February 2004

Keeping your priorities straight

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An alleged blackface incident took place over the weekend, but those involved say it could all be a misunderstanding.

Just after midnight on Saturday morning, the Department of Public Safety received a report that a student was wandering around Watson Residence Hall with his face painted a dark color […]

The student told officers that the face paint was camouflage - not blackface - and that he was actually on his way to rob a house, Hall said.

It turns out that this was primarily a sorority prank rather than a real robbery, but note that the student and the school officials were more concerned about a “black-face incident” than a burglary.

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Get me Dowd on line 1, stat!

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Kerry’s remarks lasted three minutes, yet it left TV reporters without a soundbite until one CBS News producer asked the Massachusetts senator to try again.

Why didn’t they just Dowdify him and make up something interesting?

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