14 February 2004

University is the opposite of diversity


Robert Munger, chairman of the political science department, said he was impressed by Duke’s intellectual diversity, which he called “relatively healthy” compared to other universities.

Still, Munger recalled a recent meeting in which he heard a fellow department chairman say it was Duke’s job to confront conservative students with their hypocrisies and that they didn’t need to say much to liberal students because they already understood the world.

“There was no big protest [at the meeting], and that was wrong,” Munger said.

Consider the possibility that Munger’s correct and that as bad as this is, Duke is actually “relatively healthy” with regard to real intellectual diversity.

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No bias here, folks - move along!

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Gavin Newsom, the new mayor of San Francisco, is defying the California Constitution, which voters amended in 2000 to codify the definition of marriage. At Newsom’s order, the Associated Press reports, “city authorities officiated at the marriage of a lesbian couple Thursday and said they will issue more gay marriage licenses.”

Well, this sort of thing has happened before, most recently when Roy Moore, then chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court, refused to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the courthouse grounds despite judicial rulings that the monument’s presence was unconstitutional. Moore was removed from office for defying the law. What will happen to Newsom?

He will be lauded for his “brave” stand against the forces of darkness.

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What not to do in Canada

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Canada’s government has condemned a show by U.S. late-night television host Conan O’Brien that insulted people in French-speaking Quebec and seemed to suggest everyone in the province was homosexual. […]

At one point in the show, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog — a hand puppet that is a regular on the show — said to a Quebecer: “You’re French, you’re obnoxious and you no speekay English.” It told another: “I can smell your crotch from here”.

O’Brien’s team were also shown replacing street signs in the province with those that read “Quebecqueer Street” and “Rue des Pussies”.

Alexa McDonough, a legislator for the left-leaning New Democrats, described the program as “racist filth” and “utterly vile” and demanded the government seek the return of the C$1 million subsidy.

Jeebus, you’d think the show had questioned nationalized health care!

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