30 January 2004

Blinded by the science

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Critics also worry about the studies [on methods for teaching reading] left out of the reading panel’s scope. Of 100,000 studies first culled by the panel, all but experimental research that adhered to the scientific method were eliminated. That left around 40.

Requiring objective facts about education? What kind of hard line conservative fanatic insists on something like that? I blame President George Bush for this kind of thing.

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Chirac crony confirms clandestine collusion

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According to the document [of alledged bribes by Saddam Hussein], France was the second-largest beneficiary, with tens of millions of barrels awarded to Patrick Maugein, a close political associate and financial backer of French President Jacques Chirac.

Maugein, individually and through companies connected to him, received contracts for some 36 million barrels. Chirac’s office said it was unaware of Maugein’s deals, which Maugein told ABCNEWS are perfectly legal.

[emphasis added]

the French connection gets a call from ABC about his sweetheart deal with Saddam, and in denying that it was illegal, he confirms that it actually happened!

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

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