24 January 2004

The unknown massacre

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A study done by the Violence Policy Center found that one in every five law enforcement officers was killed in the line of duty between Jan. 1, 1998, and Dec. 31, 2001.

I can’t believe I missed out on law enforcement officers getting decimated twice over in a 4 year period!

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Would this be better than the exploding whale?

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Medics have warned that Jordan’s breasts could explode if leeches get to suck them in the jungle.

Some sort of hypergolic reaction between blood clotting inhibitors and silicon?

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Caught again


The San Diego Union-Tribune publishes one whopper of a correction in its Opinion section

In a Jan. 15. follow-up to his Jan. 12 column, “More deceptions to justify war actions,” James O. Goldsborough stated that Fox News was the source of a bogus 1945 Reuters news dispatch that may have been the basis for a comparison of Iraq to post-World War II Germany by officials at the White House and Pentagon. Goldsborough further described the report as a “forgery” written by online columnist Rand Simberg for Fox and that it was then posted on Simberg’s own Internet site two days later.

Not quite.

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