10 January 2004

Come on, he's got to be on Rove's payroll


Meanwhile, the Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader reports that Clark has taken one of the most extreme positions on abortion of any presidential candidate in history. Clark “told The Union Leader that until the moment of birth, the government has no right to influence a mother’s decision on whether to have an abortion” (emphasis ours).

“I’m not going to get into a discussion of when life begins,” Clark tells the paper. But at another point in the interview he says, “Life begins with the mother’s decision.” He also says: “I’m in favor of choice, period. Pure and simple.”

As Best of the Web notes, the vast majority of Americans are in the mushy middle (or just plain conflicted) on the issue of abortion and this statement of Clark’s demonstrates a level of disconnect from public opinion that’s just astounding. Which party is it again that’s not in touch with the concerns of the American public?

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