08 January 2004

Modern liberalism explained

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What can explain his [President Bush’s] popularity? Can that many people be enamored of what he has accomplished in Iraq? Of how he has fortified our constitutional freedoms with the USA Patriot Act? Of how he has bolstered our economy? Of how he has protected our environment? Perhaps they’ve been impressed with the president’s personal integrity and the articulation of his grand vision for America?

Gosh no. Certainly not the Iraq thing or bolster the economy. Why, I just looked at my portfolio and it’s up less than 100% in the last year. Not to mention that since Iraq, there are still dictators who aren’t sucking up the USA. Clearly, there can be only one answer for Bush’s popularity.

It’s the “Stupid factor,” the S factor: Some people — sometimes through no fault of their own — are just not very bright.

It’s not merely that some people are insufficiently intelligent to grasp the nuances of foreign policy, of constitutional law, of macroeconomics or of the variegated interplay of humans and the environment. These aren’t the people I’m referring to. The people I’m referring to cannot understand the phenomenon of cause and effect. They’re perplexed by issues comprising more than two sides. They don’t have the wherewithal to expand the sources of their information. And above all — far above all — they don’t think.

There you have it, the heart of modern day liberalism. This is the root view of transnational progressivism. It’s just not so commonly acknowledged in the USA.

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Bizarre tales of the American interior

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When they were fund-raising, the Democratic candidates for president all claimed to be Jewish. Now that they are headed for Super Tuesday down South, they’ve become Jesus freaks. […] To ease Democrats into the Jesus thing, the Democratic Leadership Council is holding briefings for Democratic candidates teaching them how to talk about religion. The participants were warned that millions of Americans worship a supreme being whose name is not Bill Clinton.

Even more bizarrely, there are millions of Americans who don’t believe that the UN is the source of morality in the world, either.

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