24 November 2003

Help! Help! I want to oppress!

Oh, Teddy boy, here’s what an “attempt to stifle dissent” actually looks like [source, source, source]:

A Latino group at Glendale Community College in Arizona wants the administration to forbid a professor there from ever expressing his opinions on university Web pages because he sent out an e-mail saying the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, or MEChA, is racist, reports the Arizona Republic.

MEChA also wants Walter Kehowski to apologize publicly for stating in an e-mail that the group fosters racism by praising racial separatism. He was alluding to a recent Dia de la Raza event on campus.

Note the “forbid” bit in there. MEChA doesn’t want to say nasty things about the professor, they want to have the professor legally restrained from saying things. See, that’s “stifling”. In your view, Senator Kennedy, it would be the professor who’s doing the “stifling” here, eh?

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Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!

[source, source]

Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle is demanding that Republicans stop showing their first television ad of the 2004 presidential race, which he called “repulsive and outrageous.”

The 30-second ad, featuring clips of Bush during his State of the Union address last January, portrays the president as a fighter of terrorism as Democrats retreat from the fight. […]

Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy called it an “attempt to stifle dissent.”

Ted, buddy, I’m still reading your inane comments in the national press so obviously the attempt failed. If there were any hope of curing your reality dysfunction I’d explain that stifling dissent involves, you know, stifling, and not just criticism.

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When you care enough to just keep digging


Howard Dean has secured the vital Ted Rall endorsement, reports Eye on the Left. And Dean is actually proud of this.

After some reconsideration, a bit of the bloom is off the rose.

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