02 October 2003

Absence of malice

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Neo-conservatives and religious conservatives have hijacked this administration, and I consider myself on a personal mission to destroy both.
-- Joseph Wilson, husband of "Valerie Plame":http://www.townhall.com/columnists/robertnovak/rn20031001.shtml
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Where are they now?

Damian Penny asks a good question: bq(qq). Since "peace" protestors oppose sexism and violence against civilians, I'm sure they're lining to up to serve as human shields to stop this sort of thing, right? bq. Suspected Taliban insurgents set fire to two girls' schools in northern Afghanistan, a local official said Monday, in the second such attack in recent days. bq. Two tents housing schools for girls in the Charar Bolak district in Balkh province were destroyed in the blaze late Sunday, said Abdul Sabur Khan, a local military official. […] bq. On Saturday, insurgents destroyed a girls' school in eastern Nangarhar province. Earlier this month another school was burned down just several kilometres south of the Afghan capital, Kabul. I'm sure that the only reason they're not there yet is because of "bus troubles":http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2003/03/02/wshiel202.xml.
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Journalism in action

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Pelley: I spoke with a man who claimed to be with the Fedayeen and was avowed to kill American soldiers. He… Bremer (interrupting): Did you arrest him?? Pelley (clearly taken aback): Uh, we don't have the authority to arrest anyone. Bremer: Did you turn him over to the authorities or military? Pelley: Uh, we're just here to report… Bremer: Well, listen. Next time you find someone like that, call me and I'll come arrest him.
-- From memory transcript of ??60 Minutes II??
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Taking the fun out

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*PARIS* -- A growing sense of France's decline as a force in Europe has developed here. The idea's novelty is not the issue itself. Rather it is that for the first time in a half century that the notion of a rapid descent in France's influence is receiving wide acknowledgment within the French establishment. At its most hurtful and remarkable, and yet perhaps its most honest, there is the start of acceptance by segments of the French intellectual community that French leadership, as it is constituted now, is not something Europe wants - or France merits.
That could really take all the fun out of France-bashing. It was that delusional state combined with excessive arrogance that made France such a worthy target.
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