01 October 2003

The future of Iraq

The story of some young Iraqi exiles who visited Iraq after the invasion and what they saw there that being quoted all over the blogosphere. Well worth the time to read.
Yasser adds: "There's something I'd like to say to your readers. People who really care about Iraqis should join us in fighting for democracy in Iraq and for the debts accumulated by Saddam to be cancelled. Join Jubilee Iraq [["a group campaigning against Saddam's debt":www.jubileeiraq.org]]. Argue for the Governing Council to be strengthened. Support us. Don't spend your time hoping that Iraq fails just so you feel better about opposing the war."
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Good and bad unilateralism

*Democrats Give Belligerence a Chance When it Comes to Trade* If there's one point of agreement among all of the Democratic presidential candidates, it's that President Bush has unnecessarily alienated the world with an approach to international security that is "arrogant," "bullying" and "belligerent." […] Now here's Dean, back in Iowa in August, telling a union audience how he would convince America's trading partners to adopt labor and environmental laws as stringent as those in the United States: "How am I going to get this passed?" Dean asked. "We are the biggest economy in the world; we don't have to participate in [the North American Free Trade Agreement] and we don't have to participate in the [World Trade Organization]. If we don't, it falls apart."
Yes, _my_ unilateral bullying is good, _yours_ is bad. Armed Liberal has a good post on this.
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I say again, why are we still funding these people?

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The newly appointed Egyptian Mufti (one of the highest clerical positions in Islam), Sheikh Dr. 'Ali Gum'a, issued a fatwa shortly after the beginning of the Iraq War forbidding Muslims in the US military from fighting other Muslims. Sheikh Gum'a has also gone on record supporting Islamic orthodoxy that says Muslims can agree to anything, sign any treaties, and then break the agreements as soon as they are strong enough. This Egyptian hate-monger also (unsurprisingly) supports and encourages suicide bombings and _shaheed_ attacks.
All of that for only $2 billion a year!
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Why are we still funding these people?

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Palestinian non-government organizations have refused to sign a U.S.-sponsored commitment that they will not transfer funds to individuals or groups that engage in attacks against Israeli civilians. […] So far, the sources said, about 30 NGOs have declared that they would not sign the anti-terror commitment. *Many of the groups obtain funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development and American philanthropies*. [emphasis added]
Seems like there is a simple solution to this problem.
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Bustamante cracks VRWC code!

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They are against food.
-- Cruz Bustamante, talking about Republicans
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