26 September 2003


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The UN on Thursday said it was scaling down its presence in Iraq to a bare minimum, as news of the death of Akila al-Hashemi, a member of Iraq's Governing Council, reinforced fears the security situation there was becoming untenable. In the wake of two direct attacks on its headquarters in Baghdad, the UN officially announced a "temporary redeployment" of its international staff. Only 42 were left on Thursday in the capital, and 44 in the north, and those numbers could "be expected to shrink over the next few days", the UN said. The final number could be as low as 20, subject to further review.
One just wonders what this would mean if the US had already turned over control to the UN…
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Modern McCarthyism

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Criticizing those who are vocal in their personal criticism, their approach, their concerns, is McCarthyesque
-- US Senator Tom Daschle
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