21 September 2003

Your government at work

[source, source] An American sailor married an Australian woman. On her recent return from Australia, she was detained for several days with her 8 month old daugher, an American citizen. After a couple of days of dentention, the sailor was able to rescue his daughter who was taken to a hospital and treated for dehydration. I was also unaware that we had immigration problems from Australia but it's standard to go for the soft targets.
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Another beautiful theory slain by an ugly fact

[source, source] The lynchpin of the recent "federal court injunction on the California recall":934 was that voters would be dienfranchised by using obsolete voting equipment. A central basis for this was the view of the California Secretary of State. However, it turns out that the Secretary of State has a slightly different view of what he said than the Court:
These erroneous statements occur in the published opinion of the panel concerning my reasons, as then-Secretary of State, for decertifying pre-scored punchcard voting systems in 2001. The panel opinion begins with two incorrect factual statements contained in its lead topic sentence at page 1 of the panel opinion: that "the [punchcard] voting system is so flawed that the Secretary of State has officially deemed it 'unacceptable' and banned its use in all future elections." This statement is incorrect in two ways: (1) as Secretary of State, I have never concluded, nor was it -- or is it -- my view, that pre-scored punchcard voting systems are flawed; and (2) I did not "ban the use of punchcard voting machines in all future elections" The incorrect implication of the first statement is that punchcard voting systems were and are defective, a view I never held and do not hold now. During my tenure as Secretary of State, dozens of elections involving national and local contests were successfully conducted using pre-scored punchcard voting systems. There was never a challenge in California to the result of any election because the election had been conducted using pre-scored punchcard voting systems. The incorrect implication of the latter statement above is that punchcard voting systems would not be used in any elections between my decertification order and the date of its implementation.
Those pesky facts, always getting in the way of a good theory.
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The faintest pulse of life in Europe

[source] France and Denmark are cracking down on Caliphascists in their midsts. In France
France's interior minister threatened Thursday to close any mosque in France that is considered extremist and to expel any Muslim prayer leader who preached a radical message. In an interview in the daily Le Figaro, the minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, also pledged to deny visas to Muslim participants in conferences who did not respect the values of the French state.
What, exactly _are_ the values of the French state, beyond anti-Americanism and dirgismé? Judenhass? I'm just not quite sure what would count as "radical" except laisez-faire and I *know* that kind of thing isn't coming out of any Caliphascist mosque. But it's a start! At least there's the claim that there is something about France worth defending from the Caliphascists.   Meanwhile, over in Denmark,
Under the new rules, religious leaders will be obliged to be self-supporting, speak Danish and respect "Western values" or risk being declared persona non grata.
Ouch! "Self-supporting". That's actually going to hurt. I suppose Denmark has finally caught on that anywhere Caliphascists are gaining ground, Saudi Entity money is flowing in. This will help dry that flow of taint right up.
[Dutch Integration Minister] Haarder told the paper he believed a number of Muslim clerics would be forced to leave Denmark because they would not be able to fulfil the demands of the new rules and would therefore not be able to obtain residence permits or renew them. "I think the most fundamentalist of the imams, who are poorly educated and speak Danish badly, will end up having to go back home," he said.
"Integration Minister". I think I've found the problem.
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