15 September 2003

Forward to the past in Europe

One small sign of what is in prospect [for Estonia] comes from the fact that, at the EU’s insistence, Estonia is having to _reintroduce_ agricultural subsidies. Tallinn’s free market pioneers scrapped them years ago.
That crazy EUlite! Always with the reactionary economic policies! When do they think it is, 1929?
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Potential copyright infringement?

[source, source] Concerned about recent Israeli statements about "removing" Arafat, the crack Palestinian conspiracy team leapt in to action, leaking the news that
one speculated method of assassination could be the direction of poisonous rays towards Arafat's brain. These rays can cause palpitations in the heart leading to a failure of brain resulting in gradual stop in breathing and ultimate death.
Listen, boys, _I_ do the psychotronic / brain affecting ray beams around _this_ planet. Those Israelis are just pale imitations of me, the real thing.
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