12 September 2003

Not a good sign

[source] Briana LaHara was sued by the RIAA(Recording Industry of America Association) for having over 1,000 illegally downloaded songs on her computer. After being sued for $100 million dolllars, the family settled for $2,000. But Brianna was immediately reimbursed by file sharing trade organization (a pirate ring?) for the money and other donations came in as well. It's not a good sign for the RIAA if suing somebody for stealing from them causes the citizenry to send the thief money. Perhaps the RIAA has not persued the optimal strategy for winning the hearts and minds of their customers. Just a thought.
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It's all about me chronicles

It occurs to me that leftists scouring the world for humanitarian causes to support could do worse than volunteer to stand guard at Afghan girls' schools. Maybe the "International Solidarity Movement":http://www.palsolidarity.org/ could spare a few of their people for the task. Maybe some of the former "human shields" in Iraq are looking for a new cause.
It wouldn't do to support things, like schools, that _help_ the poor little dears, because then they might not need the Mighty Western Sympathizers. Best to help them blow themselves up or protect the dictators that keep them in a state of need.
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Switching captains on a sinking ship

[source] While the big news in California is the recall election, there are other reports of legislation rushed "through at the last minute":892, there has been plenty of self-destructive legislation leading up to this: * Senate Bill 2 would force California's hard-hit small and medium-sized businesses, with 20 or more employees, to pay 80 percent of employees' health coverage. Companies with more than 200 employees would be forced to pay that for the whole family. Even part-timers get this big perk. * Senate Bill 18 giving the obscure Native American Heritage Commission the power to stop development on anyone's land in California if tribes feel construction interferes with a sacred site anywhere in the region. Best of all, the Commission wouldn't have to specify _where_ the site was, only that it existed "in the region". And of course the public would be barred from attending Commission proceedings. The bill originally had a five mile limit but after intense opposition it was changed to not have any limit at all! That's legislating in the California style. Of course, Governor Davis already got his $2 million for his (forthcoming) signature. * A workers compensation bill that attempted to emulate reforms from other states (because California's is the most expensive while delivering the least benefits - just like the Davis government!). But it was gutted over the summer of any actual reform. Will it matter if Davis is recalled?
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Takes one to know one

[source, source] The BBC will now be monitoring internet web sites for "hate speech" for various NGO(non-governmental organization)s and elements of the British government. This probably means anyone who says anything nasty about government funding for tyranophilic news organizations. Well, dudes, write me up!
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Democratic Party thwarted in effort to circumvent democracy

A three-judge federal appeals panel on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Democrats in the state Senate who had hoped to derail a new round of Republican-led congressional redistricting in Texas.
It's a win - win scenario for the Texas citizenry. Either they get more appropriate representation in Congress or the legislature is effectively not in session.
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A tragic setback in Iraq

US troops have been accused of killing eight Iraqi policemen and a Jordanian security guard in a friendly fire incident during a car chase. […] The American patrol at the location opened fire, said Asem Mohammed, 23, a police sergeant who was among the injured. "We were chasing a white BMW with bandits. We turned around in front of Jordanian Hospital and some American forces started shooting at us," he said.
Definitely a tragedy. It's doubly bad because building up the capabilities of Iraqis to police Iraq is critical to our long term success in the region.
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