10 September 2003

Paycheck protection

[source, source]
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting Tuesday, 866,623 people, or 68 percent, opposed [Alabama] Gov. Bob Riley's $1.2 billion tax plan, while 416,310, or 32 percent, voted for it.
Not even close, you money grabbing spend monkeys!
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Right Left-winger smears Howard Dean

Juan Williams, a journalist for NPR and Fox News Channel who was among the panel of questioners at last night's Democratic presidential debate, characterized Dean's position [&hellip] p(qq). Gov. Dean has suggested that states like Vermont, Montana and Wyoming, with overwhelmingly white populations, really don't need gun control, in part because of their rural character, but urban areas, such as Baltimore, Md. [where the debate was held], with large minority populations, do need gun control.
Not only is this a significant mischaracterization of Dean's position on gun control (which is that it's good in cities but not in rural areas) but Williams didn't even bother to _ask_ Dean about it, he stated it as a fact and ask loony fringer Carol Mosley Braun if she agreed with it. That's the kind of objective, fact seeking reporting I've come to expect from NPR.
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